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Darrin Kenneth O’Brien, DKO, also best known by his stage name Snow, an acronym for Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy, gained international stardom with his 8x, multi-platinum single ‘Informer’. Prior to taking the world by storm, the Toronto native was your typical neighbourhood kid from the projects, surrounded by alcohol, crime, and violence. During his early teens, O’Brien’s Allenbury Gardens neighbourhood, a then predominately Irish community, located in Toronto’s North York district, experienced an influx of Jamaicans who fostered a love and desire for their music and culture. And it wasn’t too long before the once rock-n-roll, KISS-loving kid, became captivated by the sounds of Jamaica. By the late 1980s, the young Darrin not only honed his innate singing skills, he mastered Jamaican Patios, and the ‘deejay’ toasting style of dancehall reggae music. While on bail for attempted murder charges, a trip to New York is where O’Brien ultimately met M.C. Shan, and for the first time ever, found himself in a recording studio, where he began working on his debut album. After several intense weeks of recording, getting signed, and shooting a few videos, Snow had to return to Canada to face sentencing. Although acquitted of both attempted murder charges, Snow ultimately had to serve 2 years in prison for various assault charges.

During his incarceration, his debut single ‘Informer’ exploded on the billboard charts, spending 7 consecutive weeks at #1. Upon early release from prison, Snow not only became a household name by winning numerous accolades, including the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest selling reggae song in history, he toured the world and paved the way for many artists in the reggae, hip-hop arena. Unfortunately, Snow’s U.S. presence came to a screeching halt through a ban from entering the United States. Despite this tremendous career set-back, Snow maintained a strong presence in the international reggae-arena, producing several top-charted hits and recording six successful studio albums over the past two decades. Now, 25 years later, Snow – working with award-winning producers, and a new, comprehensive management team – is engineering his way back into the mainstream spotlight. Winter is coming, watch out for the Snowstorm!